Rooms & Rates

Room type Rates
16 Bed Mixed Dorm, Fan (shared bathroom)

4 Bed Mixed Dorm, Fan (shared bathroom)

4 Bed Mixed Dorm, A/C (shared bathroom)

Twin Room, 2 Beds, Fan (shared bathroom)

Double Room, A/C (En-suite bathroom)

Triple Room, A/C (shared bathroom)

Quadruple Room, A/C (shared bathroom)

Family room, 6 Beds, A/C (shared bathroom)

RM 23 per person

RM 23 per person

RM 26 per person

RM 60 per room

RM 78 per room

RM 93 per room

RM 110 per room

RM 135 per room

In order to secure a Private Room, you will need to book the entire room. For example 3 persons booking a 4 bed private room will need to pay for 4 persons if they wish to have a private room.

A family room generally has one main bed for parents, and one or more beds or bunks for children.

Dormitories have 4 beds or more and they are mixed, for both men and women.

To book a room and for further information, please contact us!